Douro Spirit Project

Douro Spirit Project

The Douro Spirit, DouroAzul's new ship, represents the company commitment with technological innovation and with the environment by reducing consumption and implementing socially responsible practices. 
With 80 meters long and 11.4 meters wide, the Douro Spirit has a capacity for 130 passengers in 65 double cabins. Comfort, leisure and design were combined to provide unique experiences in the breathtaking scenery of the Douro River Valley. 
The new DouroAzul ship is an energy efficient ship, with lower consumption of propulsion engines resulting in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions, thus reducing its environmental impact. 
Passengers’ leisure and comfort were a major concern in the ship’s planning. Passengers can relax and enjoy themselves in the pool, using the ship’ spa or its gym. Douro Spirit is also the first ship of its kind to display a fiber optic network that will enable connections between the rooms and the exterior. 
In terms of entertainment and communications, the new Douro Spirit will also feature HD TV, a Video-On-Demand system and broadband Internet access, which can be accessed in the rooms or through the several wireless hotspots available throughout the ship. 
Consumption reduction was extended to the ship’s lighting system that is composed of LEDs (light-emitting diodes). This will allow reducing electricity consumption, but also reducing the use of air conditioning system as the light cast by LEDs is colder.
Douro Spirit marks a new stage in the growth of Douroazul facing the improvement of customer services and a superior level of quality and efficiency. 

Douroazul, excellence is our commitment. 


The Douro Spirit project has a total cost of 12.019.577,05€, and was presented and approved for financing within Sistema de Incentivos à Inovação, inserted in Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional (QREN). 





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