A nossa frota de embarcações


Douro Queen

Capacity » 130 passageiros
Length » 78,11 metros
Width » 11,4 metros
Speed » 12 nós
Engine » 2 x 800 hp
Capacity Length Width Speed Engine
65 double cabins 78,111 m  11,40 m  12 nós  2 x 800 hp


About the Ship

Deck by deck description

Sun Deck, with 300 m2
- Swimming pool
Upper deck
- 38 double cabins with private balcony

Main deck
- Panoramic Bar with dance floor
- 27 double cabins with panoramic window
- Reception
Lower Deck
- Restaurant
- Crew Area
- Gift Shop

There are two types of cabins:
- Upper Deck – 38 cabins with private balcony – 15 m2
- Main Deck- 27 cabins with panoramic window – 12.5 m2

All cabins have private bathroom with shower and individual air conditioning.
All cabins are faced to the outside. Cabins in the Upper Deck have panoramic windows that give access to a private balcony. Main Deck cabins have panoramic windows.
All cabins have two beds that can be placed together or separated.

Public Areas
- Restaurant – it is equiped with 8 rectangular tables for 8, 6 and 4 people each. Marble buffet table.
- Lounge Bar – with panoramic windows, it has a bar and a dance floor.
- Lobby, Reception and Gift Shop are decorated with fine woods.



For Douro Azul passengers’ safety is very important. DouroAzul complies thoroughly with the requirements established by competent authorities.

In a few words it should be mentioned that all ships of the fleet are equiped, among other equipments, with electronic navigation systems, several communication bands, life jackets both for adults and children, rafts, floats, fire detection and extinguishing devices (fixed and movable), a complete on board pharmacy capable of answering to first aid situations.

All DouroAzul crew members have first aid, fire prevention and suppression, survival techniques and personal safety and social responsibilities courses.

Emergency drills supervised by a safety officer are carried out periodical and regularly in order to practice and motivate the crews for all and any emergency situation.

Every year are carried out emergency drills in which several entities participate such as the Port Authority, Fire Department (professional and volunteer), INEM (National Institute of Medical Emergency), Civil Protection, among other entities, in order to test in real time the intervention of the several emergency entities.



Douro Queen


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